Manufacturing and Textile Innovation Network

Industry Affiliations

Manufacturing & Technology Innovation Network (MTIN), Manufacturing Solutions Center and Textile Technology Center (TTC) are members of the associations mentioned below and we have team members who volunteer their time to serve on the Board of Directors of these associations. This allows us to share our knowledge, services and connections to help revitalize and grow the textile and manufacturing industries with the goal of strengthening these sectors and creating more jobs in the US.

Association Membership

Jasmine Cox

Board of Director, IFAI

Jasmine Cox works at the Gaston College Textile Technology Center as the Process Coordinator for Testing.

The Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI) is a not-for-profit trade association comprised of member companies representing the international specialty fabrics marketplace. The IFAI provides the industry with trade show/events, publications, sourcing information and more. The IFAI Advanced Textiles Division Advisory Board represents and act in the best interests of the membership. As board member, Jasmine is responsible for creating a strong link between IFAI membership and the operational organization, working with division staff to initiate and drive new programming and using expertise to enhance the ability of the organization.

Tanya Wade

Education Director, SEAMS

Tanya Wade is the Entrepreneur Intake Administrator for Manufacturing Solutions Center and the Project Coordinator for  Carolina Textile District, specializing in material sourcing and sewn goods products.

SEAMS is the Association and Voice of the U.S. Sewn Products Industry for over 50 years, consisting of more than 200 of America’s foremost fashion brands, retailers, manufacturers and textile providers. Tanya’s role as the Education Director at SEAMS fits in perfectly with her role at the Manufacturing Solutions Center, as she has made many connections over the years, quite a few of which are in the academic field.

While part of her responsibility is helping the Executive Director of SEAMS coordinate guest speakers and programs for the conferences, her main goal in this position is to grow the education sector of SEAMS. This is accomplished by re-engaging some of the existing Educator Members and actively seeking out new Educator Members. These members are very important, as they are teaching students what to expect from the textile and manufacturing industries and we want to make sure that they are knowledgeable with all aspects of it. There is no fee to become an Educator Member of the SEAMS Association, so if you are an academic organization and interested in learning more, please reach out to Tanya at

Tanya also teaches a Sewn Goods Workshop through CTD for entrepreneurs and brands who are looking to specifically produce sewn goods products in the US. If you are interested in learning more about the Sewn Goods Workshops and Webinars, you can find the details on CTD’s website.