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Over 470 Years of Combined Textile Experience! ​

CVCC’s Manufacturing Solutions Center provides technical assistance, product testing, training, business incubation and product research and development for commercial manufactures, including commercial manufacturers that specialize in textile and fabrics and non-textile related products.

Manufacturing Solutions Center Services:


Product Testing

Some of our tests are: ASTM F1670 (for PPE), Fiber Analysis, Identification and Construction, Antimicrobial, Upholstery testing, Colorfastness, Compression, Abrasion Resistance, and more…

Structural Testing

Furniture Structural Testing

Some of our furniture structural testing are: General Purpose Office equipment, Vertical files tests, Loung/Public Seating, Desks and Tables, and Customized furniture structural testing.

Product Development

Product Development

We can provide resources, solve manufacturing issues, and help you achieve your desired product!

M1 Stoll training


We offer training on hosiery and manufacturing basics, as well as training with the latest software and equipment offered in the industry, like M1 Stoll training

Production Sourcing

Production Sourcing

You have an idea for a sock or hosiery product or source for production? We can help you!

Marketing - booth display


Our marketing services: International sales, government procurement, Joint marketing, Marketing materials (website, brochure, business card, booth graphic), & market diversification

non-textile-related product

Non-Textile Related

Your idea is non-textile related (rubber, plastic, wood, metal, etc.)



Complete our intake application and someone will get in touch with you!

Cut and Sew

Cut and Sew

You have a need for cut and sew product: apparel, accessories, home decor, etc.?  Let us connect you to the right manufacturer!

Business Incubation Space

at the Manufacturing Solutions Center


Manufacturing Solutions Center will provide education, counseling, advising, referral and refining of entrepreneurial skills. Special emphasis will be given to the critical areas of sales, marketing and prevention of business failures. Our number one goal is to assist your company in getting their product to commercialization.


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